farm italyMaria Luisa Renda’s farm was born from the desire of Maria Luisa, who wanted to produce an excellent olive oil in a territory perfectly suited to the cultivation of olives.

Maria Luisa Renda then created her company on a land in Locogrande (Trapani), in the territory of Valli Trapanesi, an area full of secular olive trees, evidence of the ancient tradition of oil production in the area.

The organic farm of Maria Luisa Renda is regulated by the European laws 834/07 and 889/08. These laws involve the application of specific production rules and control by CODEX: the certification of the product results in a special European certification mark. This cultivation method involves the use of biological products for fertilization and for the control of harmful insects – they are not produced by chemical synthesis but they are natural. It results an extra virgin olive oil that does not contain unhealthy substances and the environment is preserved thanks to a better use of non-renewable resources, using less energy.

Being a careful entrepreneur, Maria Luisa Renda knows that getting a high quality product depends on the care and attention put into each stage – growing, harvesting and pressing, as well as preserving and bottling.

The olive harvesting begins when the color of the olive skin begins to change. Harvesting is made using both the old method of “stripping” togheter with machines. The transformation takes place within 24 hours from the harvesting to avoid changing the authenticity of the product.

aziendaagricolarendaFor the milling phase, Maria Luisa Renda uses a modern continuous-cycle crusher “Alfa Lavel” that ensures proper hygienic conditions and a thorough cleaning of machinery. It is equipped with hammers that allows to make a sweet milling, providing a smooth and cold paste, preserving the natural substances contained in the fresh olives, giving the oil a round taste with just a hint of bitter and spicy. This oil obtained is stored in stainless steel silos at constant temperature to guarantee hygiene and quality.

Maria Luisa Renda farm does not filter the olive oil at all, in order to not altering its features. Therefore, the presence of residues is a further guarantee of quality and authenticity of the product.