Sicilian Olive Oil Dop Extravirgin Organic 1Placed in the heart of Mediterranean Sea, Sicily has been representing a meeting point between different civilizations, each of them created a wide diversification of olive heritage on the island itself.

From the historical point of view, the olive tree was introduced in Sicily by the Phoenicians in the 8th century BC: the Greeks, in the following century, spreaded its cultivation throughout the whole island.

At the westernmost point of Sicily, facing the sea written by Homer and Virgil just behind Agroericino, there’s the territory of the so-called “Two Valleys”, which has a thousand-year tradition in manufacturing high quality olive oil, today noted as D.O.P. “Valli Trapanesi”.

The climatic conditions, the right geographic exposure and the clean air: all of this mix creates the ideal microclimate for the cultivation of olives.

It also must be pointed out that the “cultivar” (cultivated varieties) is seamlessly integrated in the territory, with features that perfectly blend with the surrounding nature to give life to an organic unique extra virgin olive oil, rich and genuine, which is the result of the enchanting land of Sicily.

The Sicilian Olive Oil Extravirgin Organic is a food whose qualities and virtues are beyond the sheer culinary aspect, they also involve quality of life and health.